Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 26: Want to COMPLETE your ART Journal? Speeding up the process:basic background layer #1

Hello friends!
Ok, Day 26.  Time to talk about COMPLETING your art journal.  Yes, you may not be down to your last 2 pages or 10 pages or even 20 pages, but you CANE finish an art journal.  And I'm going to spend the next few days showing you HOW!

Remember in the first week I had a post on how you can do more than one background in a day, then more than one stamping, etc?  Well, that is the method we are going to do to COMPLETE our Art Journal!  I have more than enough Bible study done for the journaling of 31 pages, so lets get these pages COMPLETED!  Who is with me?  (If you have NEVER completed and entire art journal, I highly encourage you to join's liberating to finish your first complete book!)

So, Here's today's task:  Basic Background color....on: every. single. page. you. have. remaining CAN DO THIS!  Get some basic color on each and every page of your remaining blank pages.  I have made this journal fairly focused on using dylusion ink sprays so I continue on:
spray and dry...
 Spray ink; dry pages...
Spray ink; turn page and rub pages together; then open and dry ink...

Keep going until you get through the rest of your pages!
I found using the chocolate and coffee colors were AMAZING together so I made a few similar:
 Absolute favorite page below:
 added some yellow into the mix...yum!
So you go until your pages all have color...and I specifically left some pages with only one spritz (as I love a good challenge:

ONE NOTE:  I put redline tape on the back page to stick it to the very back of the journal so I 'end' my journal the way my journal 'started' with a 2 page spread:

And now I've got color on EACH page and we are ready to BUILD the BACKGROUND COLOR tomorrow on Day 27:
See you for more fun on Day 27!!

Now go get your pages colored and have fun!

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