Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 12: charcoal effect in art journal background + NEW STAMP RELEASE THURSDAY!!

Two sneak peeks of new stamps in this post!  First is one of our new HYMN GIRLS: JANUARY, holding her heart in her hand, thoughtful, maybe a little sad or a little sorry, she portrays many emotions really well!  And  one of our new HYMN background image stamps:  HYMN: Wings and Feathers.  With all the hymn stamps being released tomorrow (and another big batch in April), coloring is easier and OPTIONAL with these great stamps!

Here's today's tutorial on making a 2 page layout in my art journal:
First I coated the pages with white acrylic paint, put the pages together, and pulled them apart to get the texture.
 I sprayed purple and pink dylusions spray inks in it.

Then I sprayed water through the stencil and used a paper towel to take off the ink that was lifted in the water:

Then I used one of the wings in the new stamp set with the LONDON FOG momento ink and got this cool blue undertone.                                                 

I stamped feathers in all the corners in black waterproof ink and used a water brush to take off some of the color in some of the feathers in the corners.

Then I sprayed some greens and stamped the feathers and cut them out to use in the finished pages.
I added some charcoal around the HYMN GIRLS: JANUARY and the subtle wing stamp I had stamped with the London Fog momento ink popped!  So I put some around the other wings and popped them too!  Fun, unexpected surprise!

Be sure to leave us a comment!  FRIDAY is new stamp release day in the online store (and many of our stamps are coming in at new, better prices)!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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