Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2: How to art journal your Bible study!

Day 2:  If you are just joining us now, please click on the photo of the above picture that is located to the right of the blog to get all of our previous posts that explain all we are doing:
REVIEW:  HERE ARE THE STEPS we are following each day:
1. Read the book of the Bible you plan to study (or psalm, if you are sticking with one)
2. Determine what VERSE(S) you want to art journal; we need to be meditating (thinking on) these verses and truths throughout the day!
3. Art Journals: ADD COLOR NOW  composition books: Waith until AFTER step 4 to add any doodles/symbols you'd like.
4. Journal:
 1. Write Bible Verse 2.  Truth From The Text (use God's Words, no summarizing here) 3. Truth Applied.
(we will talk about other additions as we go along (I love a good cross reference or word study) but for now let's get used to the basics!

Here is Day 2's example (Day 3 we will add even more of a collage element!):
  This was done using the same method as Day 1, just different colors.  The dylusions flower stencil has modeling paste over it to give the flower texture you see.  Inspired Stamps are:  FLOWER VALUE Set,  a new stampset coming out next week called HYMN: Mushrooms and Leaves, and a new HYMN GIRL: MAY:
I used my Brother Scan-N-Cut on a page where I stamped a bunch of flowers from the FLOWER VALUE SET and used dylusions spray inks to color them quickly.  It cut them out so quickly!

The black dots stamped you see come from the Inspired Stamps: BACKGROUND STAMPS set which I use in almost all my art journaling pages.  The flowers are dylusion stencils with water (the right bottom 'washed out' flower look) and with modeling paste where you see the pink with yellow centers (accomplished with the dylusion spray inks too.

Now it's time for the journaling.  Today I am using part of a sermon my pastor preached on Ecclesiastes.  I've read the book, and we've studied the first 8 chapters as a church so I am able to keep this in the context of what is happening.  This is 1. WRITING THE BIBLE TEXT:
I used the vine from the new set coming out next week HYMN: mushrooms and leaves plus a flower I showed you before:
Do you see the white in my letters?  I found a charcoal white pencil laying around and LOVE HOW MUCH FASTER it gets the highlights in than my favorite Signo white pen.

AFTER WE WRITE OUT THE SCRIPTURE, WE HAVE OUR TFTT (truth from the text:  remember, it's what we see in the text)

And finally we come to the 'So What?  What does this change in my thinking about God or my behavior?'
And my finished pages:

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think!
You are welcome to paste your own photos on our FB page of the Bible Study Art Journaling you are doing!  We'd love to see them!

Tomorrow I have a great collaged journal page to share!
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  1. This is beautiful I love your pages.
    susan s

    1. Thanks, Susan! I hope you are inspired to make your own!!


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