Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 17: Best White Pen for Art Journaling over water-activated inks?

Hello friends!                 
Today is the 17th Day of our 31 Days of March: Art Journaling Your Bible Study!  I have a few days worth I still need to upload to the blog, due to the time I had to take out for the New Release of Stamps this past weekend and I'll let you know when those are up this week so you can go back and see those posts!

Today, I have a quick BUT IMPORTANT post for you.  I posted the page above early in the month and you can see where I wrote on the dylusion spray mist background with my favorite Signo White Pen.  The problem I have been growing gray hairs over is that NO white pen works on these water based inks without interacting with the color below (even if you wait a week...the white will not be a stark white!).  This is a great technique if that's what you are looking for because it will blend so well with your colors (as above it takes on a pinkish hue that looks fine).

But I want WHITE.

And through a ridiculous amounts of trying new pens I have found the solution.  It's a correction pen.  Now this may not be news to you if you've tried to use a correction pen before, because it will hold it's pure white.  BUT writing or doing detail work with that pen is a very difficult skill in and of itself.


I found this great extra fine empty marker made by at my local Michaels.  I opened it up, cut a hole in the bottom of the fussy correction pen, and emptied its contents into the empty marker container! It's working great so far!  I'll keep you posted if I have trouble with it...the ink is very thick so I'm hoping it won't get clogged easily!

You can see how strong the white is next to the other paint pens and normally wonderful white pens!  I had not seen this done before and can't wait to start using it on my dark dylusions' sprayed pages when I journal!

I'll be back tomorrow with another page or two!

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  1. I've had the same problem with white showing up on some of my canvases. Thanks for the tip on the correction fluid! Will try that!

  2. Ok I'm confused. How did this jump to Day 17? The last post I remember reading was Day 12, and I can't find the in between days before 17. They didn't show up on my blogger reading list, and I don't see them here. Please help me find them? lol. Am I losing it????? Thanks, Linda E.

    1. HI Linda,
      I'm still uploading have not lost it! They should all be up soon! I mentioned in this post that I had to leave the new releases up at the top of the blog for a while so I have the finished days from Thursday-Sunday that will be posted on their actual dates tomorrow at the latest! Thanks so much for posting!


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