Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 10 Stamping Mixed Media: layers of mediums (part 1)

Hello friends!
Today is a two part tutorial on adding different layers of mediums that we will finish up on Friday.  First I tore up some old hymnals ( I collect hymnals for my using them in many different ways!):
 Then, I used regular Gel Medium to glue the pieces in different directions all over my 8x 10 canvas and dried this with my hair dryer:

I sprayed yellow, red, and walnut ink color mists over this using water and dabbing with a paper towel over areas I wanted lighter (this only works if you have the gel medium over the part you want lighter...otherwise the paper will absorb your color and you can't make it lighter with this method):

 Such as ALLELUIA which I wanted to show through this piece:
 Next, I used a palette knife to layer some gloss super heavy gel onto parts of my canvas.  This is the reason this tutorial is in two REALLY need it to dry overnight when you use this in heavy amounts!
I added a few hangers to this wet super heavy gloss too as it works as a great adhesive!
 I'll be back with this on FRIDAY with the remainder of this tutorial and more layers!

Thursday is our DT post with lots of CARD LAYERS so be sure to come see that one!


  1. I like how you used old hymnal pages and highlighted the word Allelulia.

  2. This looks pretty cool, Antoinette! Can't wait to see the finished project...


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