Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snowball Cuties and 2 THANKFUL stamps...

Hello blogger-friends!
Today is Thanksgiving in the US!!  I am so thankful for YOU!!  I hope your day is great, whether you are here or outside the US!!
Here's a couple of the $3.99 stamp sets that are ideal for thanksgiving, all year long from the webstore:  
Both fit a 2x2 acrylic block

I am getting ready for some 3am shopping tomorrow AND then after some rest, the craft show I'm working on Saturday at Southport High School in Indianapolis!!
Here are some Snowball Cuties (ornaments) I make every year that have NOTHING to do with stamping, but I just love drawing all their little faces.  I have 4 trays of these I'm bringing with me on look for them if you are trying to find me if you are stopping by!!
Have a wonderful night and I'll be back tomorrow!!
inspired stamping,


  1. These snowball ornaments are too cute... love their faces!

    I think I need to talk the hubby into driving me to Southport on Saturday.... sounds like it's going to be fun!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  2. Cute snowball ornaments!

    I'm gonna try to stop by Saturday and pick up the "Bind and Stitch" set - I should have picked it up a few weeks ago! Hope to make it and see you there!

  3. so cute, antie! see you tomorrow!


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