Sunday, December 30, 2012

Storing your Gratitude scrapbook pages, art journaling pages, ATCs, etc in the same place!

Hello friends!
Thank you all for your comments and emails this past week about the 52 Weeks of Gratitude we are starting in just ONE WEEK!!

Several of you have asked about how to store your Gratitude artwork if you are doing multiple artforms (some scrapbook, some Artist Trading Cards, etc).  I wanted to show you what I am doing, as I will be doing several of the other forms, while focusing on Scrapbooking & Art Journaling.

The Simple Stories binder is how I am doing this (you could use a different system or maybe use just parts of this system).  I got the Simple Stories materials at our local Archivers, and am not sure where else it's sold right now. 
Here's the binder and the scrapbooking pages I showed earlier this week:
What I did to include my 4x6 Note Card that I am using with the Card I send out as well as the Artist Trading Card, is I put them in the same binder you see above using the pocket protectors I took a photo of here:
 You could just get the middle pack shown above if you wanted to put 2 of the ATCs at the top and 1 4x6 Card at the bottom.  I used them like this:
 Here's my Scrapbook pages in plain view, then you can see a peek of the 4x6 Card at the back.  Here the ATC and CARD are side by side:
I will be using the single page, page protector for my Art Journaling sample of this I will bring to you in a day or two!

Leave us a comment below and share if you have a different way or if you like this way!  We are so excited you will be joining us!
Blessings and Happy New Year!


  1. This is a great idea for storage, Antoinette. I like the idea of storing/showcasing whatever was done in the page protectors, and in the same binder. It's artistic but also gives freedom to work on whatever we wish from week to week or month to month without having to commit to one specific art form unless we want to. Then, at the end, we'll have a beautiful record of our gratefulness to the Lord and a record of our creativity. Now I can't wait to get my Simple Stories Snap Binder. P.S. In case anyone wants to know, Michaels and AC Moore do not carry the Simple Stories Binders - at least, not yet. I had to order mine on line. Linda E.

  2. I am using a 8.5 by 11 binder for my pages and I too have various page protectors for different things. I did already write out my card for Jan 1st. I am looking forward to doing all of this.


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