Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting Started in our 52 Weeks of Gratitude in 2013: part 3: CARD MAKERS!

 Hello friends!
As you know, we are getting ready for our 2013 Scripture Sundays: 52 Weeks of Gratitude, and today I want to focus on those who will be making a card a week for this challenge!  Be sure to click on the right hand side of the blog to see the previous posts focused on getting started, scrapbooks, and Artist Trading Cards!

With the card making, you will be making a card each week with the verse of that week.  I made one here using a corrugated cardboard base:

 So how would this be different from just making thank you cards?  How will card makers keep track of their weekly or daily gratefulness next year?  I have an idea for you and it starts here:
 Yes, that Recipe Card Box I got from Hobby Lobby is going to be very important.  But you don't have to use this particular box.  You can use a store tub you already have or any number of items to store your gratitude notes!
 I chose this one because I love the size and the tabbed dividers inside!
 I decorated it with our ELEGANT DOTTY ALPHABET and some papers and ribbon.
 Then I used Psalm 118:1 for the top (Love this verse!)
 Here it is showing top and bottom.
 Then, I decided to use the Simple Stories month 4x6 cards with the months already printed on them, but you could make your own!
 I put them in the card box.
 Next you need to decide what you'll use to document your gratitude each week or each day.  You could simply keep track on 3x5 cards.
 But I had another idea to go behind this DEC card...
 Here's a peek (above!)
I decided to make a card with some kraft lined paper that I got in the dollar spot at Michaels.  I stamped THANKFUL from the set Art Journal Words and Faces, put in the week's Scripture verse 2 Cor 2:15, and then decided I would be not only keeping track of my daily gratitude, but note to whom I sent my card and what I was thankful for that made me send it!  It will be very eye-opening to look at all the people I send the cards to throughout the year and WHY I'm thankful to them!  (A bonus gratitude!)

So, leave me a comment to this post and let me know if you plan to do cards as part of your 2013 gratitude!

I'll be back next week with the next sample:  Art Journaling!
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Wow Antoinette. All of your ideas up to this point have been fabulous. I like all of them so far, and I'm still not sure which one I plan to do. Even though I ordered the Simple Stories Snap Binder, I'm not sure I'm going to use it for this project yet. I'm waiting for your next sample idea for art journaling before I decide.

  2. I love this idea. I might just have to make one tomorrow.

  3. Such great ideas. I am about to decide soon which I will do. I may do doubles, working on a srapbook and cards. Whatever is choosen it will be a wonderful tool to show family and friends. Stay Blessed,

  4. I love the recipe box idea! I have thinking all week of what I should do. Going to have to make a decision soon. Jan 1st is right around the corner! Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration!

  5. I mainly make cards and am excited about this project. Love the idea of the recipe box to keep track.


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