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12 Weeks of Christmas Tutorials: Week 12 is Leesa's Christmas BonBons!!

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at Inspired Stamps!!
Be sure to come by on WEDNESDAY DEC 26th as I begin to share some artwork/ideas to get you ready for our 52 WEEKS OF GRATITUDE in 2013!! 

Here is Leesa's 12th week tutorial..take it away Leesa:

Now these are super easy to make!
No Fuss & NO CUT!
You will be making crackers in no time with this method and ...
I think they look pretty fabulous too!
Wanna see what cha going to make ?

I may be a little bit biased but I think they look 'oh la la!'
And I know they not only look better than the store brought ones, 
 but they also have some yummy goodies inside!

So ... I am here to tell you the how to ...
So lets get cracking! (ha ha .. corny but cute! )

You will need -
(to make as per the example)
Inspired StampsVintage Christmas Set & Sing for Joy Set
Bon bon snaps
Empty toilet roll(s)
Paper – the thinner / lighter the better – Cut to size of 13.5cm x 30cm - (As toilet roll sizes can vary slightly, I suggest you cut a test stripe on waste paper and ensure the 13.5cm length will comfortably fit around your roll with a slight overlap – If necessary add on a few extra centimeters to allow for your roll.)
Double sided adhesive
Treats to go inside the bon bon(s) – small chocolate(s), party hat, joke ect
Versamark Ink Pad
White Embossing Powder
Heat gun

Now the How To -
1. Firstly you have to decorate your bon bon paper as you desire – For this tutorial I have used plain brown paper, Versmark ink & white embossing powder; & I am going to use the emboss resist technique to ‘age’ my bon bon. - We all know me; I love the vintage / shabby chic look.

2. Along both the shorter edges I have stamped the music staff from the Sing for Joy set, & in the middle of my bon bon I have stamped the Shepherds from the Vintage Christmas Set. I have then sprinkled over some white embossing powder and heat set it. To achieve the ‘aged’ look I have taken Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress ink and sponged over and around the embossed area, focusing on darkening the edges and getting lighter towards the middle & for the shepherds, darker in the middle and getting lighter as you get further out.

3. On the reverse side of you paper, run a strip of double sided adhesive all the way along one of the long edges. Take a toilet roll & a bon bon snap & center the snap in the middle of the roll (you can use a little sticky tape and tack it down if you would like). Stuff your bon bon tube – In mine I like to include 2 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a party hat & a joke, but it is up to you what you want to throw in yours :)

4. Next we have to roll the bon bon. Take two more of the toilet rolls & add them onto either end of your stuffed bon bon & center in the middle of your paper. Placing the two other bon bons makes rolling the bon bon together very easy! Remove the strip of double sided adhesive & roll your bon bon together.

5. Next we have to ‘twist the ends’, to do this, partly remove both of the end toilet rolls (I pull about 4cm of mine out), then holding the middle bon bon roll in your left hand & the partly exposed roll in your right, twist – this will ‘scrunch’ & close your bon bon. Turn the bon bon around & do the same for the other end.

6. Next we have to tie off the bon bon so it doesn’t fall apart – The tighter the tie, the sturdier your bon bon will be. To do this, I get my diary & my stamp cleaner pad & squish the bon bon between the two (any thick heavy book(s) will work). Take your ribbon around the ‘squished’ part & tie tight in a knot. Do this for both ends, then remove your toilet rolls from the ends.

7. Lastly to finish off my bon bons, I like to add some lace around the inner ends. I just adhere some double sided tape to some lace & adhere it to the inside ends. Tidy up your ribbon ends, if any of your bon bon snap is exposed or poking out from the ends, give them a little snip and .....
wella ...
One bon bon ready for the Christmas table :) 
Thanks so much Leesa, this is wonderful!!
Have a very blessed Christmas and be sure to come back WEDNESDAY!
~Antoinette, the DT, and all of us here at Inspired Stamps!!

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