Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomorrow's March 1st WINNERS!

Thanks to all of you who left a comment about your favorite sneak peek for March 1st (that's TOMORROW's) brand new releases!!!

I've chosen 3 winners who will receive one of my all-time favorite stamps because of his versatility with that PRESENT he carries:  Mark's Present (shown above)! 
Congratulations to:
Shalady, Wee Whimzee, and Myamical(a callahan)!!!
Ladies you have until Sunday to email me your mailing addresses so I can mail them out to you!!

Tomorrow I have a BEARY special release post (no, I just can't stop these hints...they've become part of who I am LOL)
Be the blessing,


  1. Whoot! How exciting! E-mail is on it's way! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I love Mark's present being the present you are giving your winners!

  3. Congratulations Shaldy, Wee Whimzee and Myamical! What an honror for you to be getting an awesome stamp!
    Looking forward to the New Beary special Release!
    Way cool.

  4. Congratations to Shaldy and Wee Whimzee. Antoinette thank you so much. I'm really excited. Now I need to order the set I said I liked best.


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