Monday, February 21, 2011

Great New Storage Idea for your Clear Stamps!!

                                         Hello friends!  Here are two new stampsets that will be coming to the inspired stamps store around the 1st of March!!  I used the black magic technique with these on my last post in the cards I showed and have had many emails asking me to explain HOW to do the black magic technique...It's super easy.  You stamp a solid image (like many of the flowers and flowered scenes you see above in the Be Still Silhouette set and the Friendship's Flowers set) onto black cardstock using white pigment ink.  Heat set it to dry it.  Then simply color with colored pencils!  Easy and beautiful!!

As you can see, I've changed the packaging in our inspired stamps line and I'm super excited about the storage options it gives you!!!

Here is how all of our newest stamps will be packaged.  Notice the laminated, colored insert and the sturdier bag:
When you turn the bag around, you'll find the carrier sheet is the same as before, containing the images in black on the carrier sheet.
So you can store them in boxes or baskets like this:
Or now, with the new laminated colorful sheets you can punch holes to put your stamps in a 3 ring binder OR....
Put your stamps on the back of the laminated sheet (they stick to it!) and put them in a Clip-It system for easy access and SUPER EASY CLEAN UP!!  Here is a visual for you...
See how the stamps stick to the backs of these new laminated sheets?  Here's another photo:
Look how THIN this is when on the laminated colorful sheet:
They take up such little space on this Clip it up system...and clean up is a BREEZE!! 

So many options for more efficient storage now, plus with the images, you'll have a sample of what it can look like colored already there in the packaging to inspire you!!! 

In case you didn't catch it, I gave you a BIRDS eye view of what's coming with my next sneak peek in a couple of days...

Until then, Be the blessing!


  1. I noticed the sneak peek at the birds! They look so cute! I can't wait!

    BTW - thanks for explaining the technique! I'll have to give it a try!!


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