Saturday, June 1, 2013

Choosing colors for Characters based on your Cards + Contest ends Sunday!

Hello friends!
June 1 is finally here and we are getting ready for our JUNE NEW RELEASE on THURSDAY!!  Today, I wanted to share with you the answer to a question I am asked a lot:  How do you know what colors to use in your characters so they work with your cards?

I prefer to work with Copic Markers, personally,  but this color choosing works with colored pencils, watercolors, paints, and even crayons!  I am using simple cardstock based cards today.

I make my card, leaving room for a character (in today's examples, I chose the Inspired Stamps: His Little Ones:  Journal Girl)

I stamp her several times on Xpress It Blending Card (my favorite coloring paper, but you can use whatever you like) using momento ink.

Then I grab the markers and make a single mark on scrap paper near the card to see what colors work best:
So for this card, you can see I have the scrap paper marked with these colors (I put the lids next to the colors so you can see what colors I used). Here are two more examples (you'll find I didn't use all the blue colors when I colored her for that card, but they were all ready if I needed more blue):

Then I color the HIS LITTLE ONES: JOURNAL GIRL and cut them out ( I added the skin /hair/ eye colors so you could see those too):
 On the blonde girl, I used the lighter yellows for her hair that I showed in the original card photo...added yr24 to her dress

 Here are all 3 girls before I cut them out (It never ceases to amaze me that ONE stamp can create 3 such different looks!):
 And here are the finished cards (all using the sentiment from PERFECT SENTIMENTS):

Thanks so much for stopping sure to let me know if this was helpful!  I'd be happy to post more coloring posts if you'd like!

CONTEST:  leave a comment here or on our FACEBOOK PAGE and tell us WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN A CHRISTMAS STAMP?  We will choose winner(s) after SUNDAY MIDNIGHT...if your comment is chosen, we will send you the set FREE when we make it!

Have a blessed day and we'll be back tomorrow with more artwork!



  1. Awesome tutorial, Antoinette!! The HLO girl looks fabulous and love your colouring on each of them.

  2. I would LOVE to see a Christmas stamp with the Holy Family together, perhaps like a manager scene. I think it would be a nice alternative to all the secular options out there.

    Beautiful coloring and I appreciate you sharing how you did it.

  3. Since you've already had the manager scene mentioned. I like the idea of a simple "pole barn" with a elongated star to stamp above it. Sentiment: A Star is born. Have the baby in a manger under the pole barn. Angels are always my favorite too.

  4. Great tips on coloring and pretty examples. I would like to see more coloring posts.

  5. Great tip in lining up all the colors on the side. Love the image you used - so cute. You colored her beautifully. As for a stamp I would like to see, aside from the Holy Family, sentiments to go with the image. Maybe a small stamp to use on outside of envelope would be nice.


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