Friday, October 10, 2014

Using Stencils: 12 Weeks of Christmas Card Tutorials with Kary week #11

Hello friends,
Here is Kary with her fabulous photo tutorial....

There are so many fun ways you can use a stencil.  The easiest method I think is using Spritz with the stencil.  Here I've used a chevron stencil and spritzed some gold and clear shimmer sprays.  It's not perfectly even and there's some splatters of ink but it's ok.

Next, I played with Embossing paste.  Place a stencil over the cardstock.

Spread a thin layer of Embossing paste over the stencil. I also spritzed some shimmer sprays over the Embossing paste.  Then lift the stencil from the cardstock.
 Here's the end result.  Let it dry for about an hour before using.

And here are the cards using the above stencil techniques:

The stamps I used are HLO Angel and the Scripture sentiment Luke 2:13-14, and you can see the chevron stencil piece behind the stamp images.

For this card, I used the Scripture sentiment Luke 2:11 with the Embossing paste piece in the background.

I hope you'll try these techniques with stencils and have a great weekend!

Thanks Kary!!  This is great!
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  1. gorgeous cards and thanks for the info i am a learner with stencils, i have bought a few but was looking for ideas!!

  2. I just saw the donkey for the first time. SO cute.


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