Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lesson 2: Memorizing Scripture the first week

Hello friends!
I have really been having a great time working on memorizing GENESIS CHAPTER ONE!!  Today I want to show you some of the pages I created and the decoration of my GENESIS CHAPTER 1 SCRIPTURE book!  If you haven't read about memorizing scripture from the previous posts, be sure to go there first by clicking HERE

I used the technique described in THIS POST to create my album front and back.  I decided to use a mixed media book and cut the watercolor pages, mat them in black, and put them in so I can have some room to create more of a visual to help me memorize the verses:
The photos do not due this book's just an explosion of colors and texture!  This is the front and below is the back, followed by some close ups I took to try to better show the color/texture:

And here are the first few pages of my book:
I can go back when I get all the pages completed and see if I want to add anything to these pages, but this part of Genesis really lends itself to simple.

We had a great question from VALERIE that I wanted to share the answer to here so all can benefit.  Her question was concerning once you memorize the chapter, you will know the first half much better than the last half due to the consistent repetition of the first part.  So what are recommendations for being solid in memorizing the second half of the chapter?

The key to remembering the entire chapter once you've memorized it, is to continue reciting the entire chapter a few times a week.  So yes, by day 35 you will certainly have the first half better memorized than the last half, but if you continue to recite that chapter a few days a week in its entirety, by month two or three the entire chapter will be well-established in your memory.  The addage 'use it or lose it' really comes into play when we are trying to get something from short term memory into our long term memory.  I have a great example of this.  I know the words to the poem: Ode To Joy by heart in German even today, and I memorized it 25 years ago.  Why do I know it?  Because I had practiced it for months in high school for a German competition!  It still is in my long-term memory, with emphasis and pauses exactly how I learned it then!  So hang in there, CAN DO THIS!!

We have our DESIGN TEAM day of artwork Thursday so be sure to pop back over and see us!
Let me know if you have any other questions, comments, etc. about Scripture Memorization below!!
(Stamps used in today's projects are listed below this post)

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