Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Memorize Scripture: week 2 of 3

Hello friends and welcome to week #2 of our 3 Weeks of Fridays devoted to  How to Memorize Scripture!  If you missed last week's post, you will DEFINITELY want to head over there first.  Click HERE to see Post#1

As I said last week, the key is thinking on (or meditating) on God's Words throughout the day, using your 3x5 cards.

This week's tip is sticky notes.  You want the Scripture where you can see it and be reminded of it.  The best place is your bathroom mirror.  Why?  Because you are supposed to brush your teeth 2 times a day, plus you wash your hands way more than that (especially if you are doing the Scripture Art Journaling I'll share more on in a few minutes!!).  That way you will see it, read it, close your eyes, speak it, then read it again to check it.  I also put sticky notes on my fridge, front door, computer screen side, and studio desk.  Mix up the colors each day if you can, so they stick out to you...otherwise you will learn to ignore them when you are busy (been there, done that, got the tshirt lol)!

I really have found the Scripture Art Journaling of Ephesians SOOOOO helpful this week!  Again, last week I showed you an easy way to get the Scripture for the book of Jude into an Art Journal just using watercolor backgorunds and some stamps, with markers.  This week, as I begin my Ephesians' Art journal in my brand new Dylusions journal (see last week's post for details), I used some spray inks, but mostly Pan pastels and acrylic paints along with some collage to make my journal pages.  I am LOVING the way these are coming out and the vibrancy of the pages, so I will continue my Ephesians Art Journal with this method!  Here are the pages I made, along with some explanations/tips:

Ok, first of all you may notice I don't have verse numbers AND that more than one verse is on the page.  This is because my goal of memorizing is about the words in each chapter AND because the Dylusions' journal has total pages that will require me to get 2-3 verses on a page or I'll run out of paper before I'm finished with the book!  I wrote out most of the Scripture by hand and used the following Inspired Stamps to add emphasis to some of the words:  Colorable Uppercase Alphabet and Solid Alphabet Lovercase.  I love all of the Inspired Stamps alphabets and Art Journaling stamps, so they will be included in most of the pages I make :o)

I used the same markers for my lettering, so be sure to check back to part 1 about that if you have questions.  I made another page (the first photo at the top of this post with HIS LITTLE ONES: JOURNAL GIRL and GUARD YOUR HEART stamps) that I will share another day!  Loving making the houses so you'll probably see more of those!

LEAVE me a comment and let me know what you think!!  I loved hearing from so many of you via email and comments!  I'm so blessed by this process!



  1. I love your alphabet font. I can see how doing scripture several ways helps to memorize. I did well with last weeks suggestion & will take this one to heart as well.

  2. I read your last lesson and thought this would be great then didn't do a thing. Then just minutes ago I clicked on the wrong line and what so I see....Your second lesson on memorizing versed. I think God is trying to tell me something here-What do ya think!!!


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