Friday, December 2, 2011

Week #9 of our 12 Weeks of Inspired Christmas Creations Tutorial + giveaway!

Hello friends!
What a day!  We just released the new December stamps into the Inspired Stamps Online store and they are flying off the 'shelf'!!  All orders placed by 5pm are on their way to you!

Today I have one of the MOST fun gifts you will ever make!  It is a mixed media photo frame and starts off like this:
I got a bunch of these at Hobby Lobby and I love the solid particle board frame!  I painted it white with the acrylic paint show.  I also used copic markers, distress inks and distress ink pads, plus assorted embellishments and these items:
Did I mention this is SUPER fun to make?!?
Ok first thing is to tear masking tape and put it around your frame.  You can use clear tape too.  I put the blue painters tape on the glass where the photo will go to protect it from all the stuff:
Then I glue down the pieces of fibers, cheesecloth, sequins, and other goodies to get this:
Ok at this point it looks like something a kindergarten child would toss in the trash and move on to something else, but hang in there!  It's like the ugly duckling that hasn't grown into a swan yet.  Put another thick layer of the glue and seal over it (you can use mod podge, but I prefer the glue and seal product by Tim Holz).

NOW let it dry (you need a few hours but overnight is best).

Next comes the ink:

make sure you are pouncing the ink and turning your ink applicator in different directions.  Once its done it will look somewhat like this:
Honestly, this is the big WOW THATS COOL moment when you are creating, but seeing it in a photo may not be as powerful LOL.
This dries so fast and you are ready to take off the tape, add some embellishments and you are almost done:

and here's the final frame with some close ups:

Can you see how amazing the texture of the cheese cloth looks?  I just LOVE this!  Here's another color combo for you so you can see how dramatically different your ink choices make the finished product:

Do you notice there is more white in this one?  I used craft glue and it resisted the ink more than the glue and seal did.  But still a neat look.

Ok, so tell me what you think about this project?  Anyone gonna give it a try?  Leave your comment here and I will choose someone who will win one of the new particle board frames just like the one I used for these projects PLUS the 2 new His Little Ones: Winter Boy and Winter Girl stamp sets.  You have until midnight Sunday!!  Let your friends know...if they come comment and mention your name, then I choose them as a'll win the same prize they do, too, as a THANK YOU for sharing about us!!

Have a blessed weekend and I'll see you Monday!!
Be the Blessing,
~Antoinette  (We ship every day but Sunday!  We ship most orders the same day they are placed!)


  1. Can't wait to try this. It's gorgeous and I love getting messy with my projects!

  2. Wow! What a fun, fun project!! It turned out beautiful! I may just need to give it a whirl!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL frames!!!! Neat Idea--might have to play around with that!!! Denise I.

  4. I am speechless - this is an awesome looking project!! I may just have to try this one!!

  5. Very cool frames--my favorite is the first one--I like the colors. Sounds fun to try.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  6. awesome technique, kary! your bkgds are beautiful and the images are darling!

  7. Oh, wow, I love this technique! Thank you for sharing your project. ;)

  8. This is a wonderful technique!! The backgrounds on both frames look beautiful!!

  9. Oh my gosh They are gorgeous, thnks for showing me a new technique:)

  10. This project requires a lot of patience and finger work. However, the outcome is truly satisfying and worth all the effort.

  11. I'd like to give it a try. Hope I could get similar results - they are so pretty.

  12. WOW! This is simply amazing! I am so glad I found your blog through the RAK group on FB..
    I am going to try and make this, its very pretty!

  13. I love it! I would give them as gifts


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