Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sneak Peek #2: $3.99 new stamp sets!! (Plus 6 giveaways!)

I am so excited that you came to visit the blog today!!  Above you see the 6 new $3.99 stamp sets stamped on 6 empty kraft envelopes (you can click on the photo to see them more clearly!).  

These 6 stamp sets will be in the store with the rest of the Mid-May releases THIS WEDNESDAY May 18th!  And they are the first of the $3.99 stampsets to carry the new packaging---by popular request!!   The $3.99 Stamp sets will still come on their own acetate sheets, but starting with this new group of sets, there will be the laminated sheet you've come to love with the larger inspired stamps.
They will be slightly smaller than the full size sets, so they'll be easier to find if you store them on your Clip It system:
They are so thin, you can store a LOT like this and have easy clean up (just put the stamp on the back of the laminated sheet), see:

I know you'll enjoy the easy storage as much as I do!
How would you like to have one of your own?  It's time for the GIVEAWAYS!!

Easy Giveaway#1,#2, #3, #4, #5, #6:
  I'll be giving away those empty envelopes, with something to put inside them....each will come with a brand new stamp set that matches the envelope's verse!! 

HOW TO ENTER:  Just leave a message on as many of the Sneak Peeks as you can (one message per Sneak Peek).  There is a place to comment under this post where you can leave your comment.  Just let me know what you like about each post.  THAT's IT!  I'll enter your name for every sneak peek you comment on into a drawing (you can have 5 chances to win one of 7 total prizes!).  If you let your friends know about the giveaways, have them tell me when they post you sent them and I'll put your name in 2 times as a thank you! 

Sunday I will have a BIG COPIC/STAMP giveaway, and just by leaving a comment on the sneak peeks, you'll be entered to win it too!!  There will be 5 total Sneak Peeks so be sure to come back each day, or you can leave messages on previous sneak peeks if you can't pop over daily!  I'll announce the winners on can win more than once!

Have a great night and come back tomorrow to see the fabulous Copic Marker/Stampset giveaway I have for you!!

Be the blessing,


  1. Oh my good gravy, but this is an AWESOME giveaway! Those little envelopes with the verses are just perfect for little gifties. And can you please let me know WHERE you got those sweet little envelopes? I have been looking everywhere for something just like that, but can only find the regular square bottom type craft bags. Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity and good luck to everyone!

  2. Love these verses, especially the 3 on the left of the photo (top to bottom). Cute way to use those baggies.

  3. I am always looking for stamps to use for our Faithkeeping projects at church. These would be excellent! AND Queen Bee (Belinda) sent me to your blog.

  4. Try again -- I think I did this wrong!

    Thank you for everything you do -- especially spreading The Word!


  5. Copics? I wrote down two color combinations I loved at your house during the class a few weeks ago ... came home and I already own both of them. LOL

    Am so proud of where you are taking this company. I'm also glad I could make the sneak peek photo bigger ... even with glasses I can't read small type any longer. Good things stamps will just provide them for me rather than trying to write that small these days ...

  6. I love your little treat bags! They are perfect to lift someone up during hard times, but in a different way then using a card. The verses are beautifully done. The font is beautiful and it helps show the beauty of Scripture.

  7. What a wonderful way to spread His Word! My good friend, Belinda, sent me over...thanks for the chances to win! Karelj (you can find me at ksjennings at gmail dot com and/or

  8. Love the verses! I also like the new packaging you've developed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Love the new stamps and packaging, also like your idea of having your stamps stored on the clip it up. Had not thought of that, may have to look into that.:)

  10. Love the new stamp sets and packaging! Can't wait to see more.

  11. I love the stamp :-)
    Thank's for the giveaway! Hope to be a happy winner!

  12. Love the packaging! What a great way to store them!

  13. I love these stamps, I shared your blog and website with my friends.

  14. Hi Antionette..
    I have to show these to my friend who does our Sunday school bags..
    These are too cute.. Gotta love them...

    Every new set is Special in its own way.

    I love the high quality of the stamps I have purchased from You, they are easy to clean and stamping is a breeze...

    Great Product with Wonderful Designs...
    Hugs.. Geri F

  15. Love, love, love the verses and the cute little bags. My mind is already cooking up lots of occasions that these verses are perfect for! And the clip-it storage is AWESOME! I was using my clip-it to store embellishments, but no more! What a perfect way to keep my favorite stamps ready and waiting for inspiration to hit!

  16. This is truly awesome. Love all the verses. Thank you!
    Amber Callahan

  17. Love your goodie bags. Truly awesome as always.

  18. Love these verses! Your bags are a great idea

  19. Those little bags are so cute. I know what I'll be using for our next Ladies retreat :)

  20. A great set of verses! I like how "dressed up" the little bags look, but still so simple.


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