Monday, February 13, 2012

1 inch flower focused projects plus PET FOCUSED & Character winners!!

Hello friends!
I wanted to share with you some BEAUTIFUL artwork that one of our design team members, Kary, has made for this week's NATURE/SCENIC focused February Favorite Stamp Sets.  She used 1 inch Flowers  from the Inspired Stamps online store HERE:
Here's a set Kary made:

GORGEOUS display of this set, Kary!!  Thanks so much for showcasing these a few days early for us!

Ok, winners are about to be announced!  You have through Saturday NOON to email me your mailing addresses to claim your FREE set with your recommended pet in our upcoming new releases in March.  I will mail your set out on release day in March, so be on the look out for your set then!
Character winner...yours will be mailed out after I get your mailing address :o)

Character winner's comment:

Carol E. wrote
I just love Mark's present it's so cute, thanks for sharing all these great cards and the chance to win.

March NEW RELEASE Pet-Focused stamp set winners:

Marlena M. wrote:
How about a bunny? My girls love their bunny! Thanks for this fun opportunity. ;)

Carol Drumwright wrote  Feb 10, 2012 01:14 PM
Gracie looks like such a sweetie! It just makes you feel good to look at her! I must admit, however, that I'm still very much a cat person. My sweetie is a yellow tabbycat who has been with us for 17 years. He is the most loving cat I've ever had and he blesses my life daily with his presence. Frankie is starting to show his age now, and I strive to treasure every moment we have left together, so I hope you consider adding a cat to your new stamp set for those of us who can't imagine life without one curling up in our laps.
From Facebook:  Denise Ireland ---beagle

From Email:  Marcy and Lynn S who both recommended the beagle, too!

I just wanted to say thank you to all who made recommendations!!!  I received some very personal, touching stories of pets that have touched your lives and I was so humbled for you to take the time to share photos of loved pets that have passed away, but still are so alive in your hearts!!  Having lost our poodle, Sophie, last year to cancer after so many years together, I truly feel the pain at the loss and the joy at the memories.  Pets truly are a gift from God above!!

I'll be back soon with more artwork!
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