Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organizing your clear stamps, ribbon, and small colored embellishments

 And as a full-time stamper, and someone who has every stamp this company has made (and there are about 35 stamps on the stamp set Fruitful Flourishes I showed above!), I have found a solution that works for me and allows me to...
keep all my stamps in reach
keep them all organized and neat looking
makes it EASY to put them away (a big one for me!)
I keep a Clip-It system with a Clip-It top tier on one corner of a table in my studio.  It literally holds ALL of my clear Inspired Stamps--thousands of stamps!  I take out the paper backing that comes in the packaging shown above (you can leave them in if you have stamps from different companies; most companies use the clear baggies with the top slot so stores can hang them so they will work too;  I only use Inspired Stamps so I'm safe knowing where they came from and what they are called :o):

I sort them 2x2s (see left of this upper photo) which are next to Nature-focused stamps (right of the photo) and all my characters (3x4 size and the 2x3 His Little Ones) fit on the top tier in another third too.  The bottom has all the 4x6 Scripture-Focused sets in one section, and then Words, Shapes, Alphabets, and Sentiments are all in one section.  

To use the set, I open the bottom resealable baggie, take out the set use what I need, then slip it back in.  Inspired Stamps gets our clear baggies from clear bags. com if you every want to get replacements.  I find they are less likely to tear and the sticky back is very restick-able!

Ribbon can be just a mess, so I have learned to buy only the amount that will fit on my wall. I LOVE color so this makes a beautiful display in and of itself, but it's also functional.  You don't use what you can't see...and you don't know what you NEED more of if you don't know you're running low.  Here's my solution followed by the pint size canning jars I use to keep scraps in that won't fit on the wall.  Again, I only allow enough ribbon to fill ONE jar per color and then I have to make something to use some up and make room for new scraps (self-discipline...I'm good at saying 'no' to myself when it comes to ribbon.  Stamps, not so much LOL):

I used a Sharpie white paint marker on these pint sized canning jars to label them directly on the glass. 

Finally, one of my favorite places in my studio is the colored embellishment drawers.  Don't you just LOVE embellishments?!?  And then you take them home and they go in a big drawer and you forget you have them...sigh (been there, done that, got that t-shirt and it's well worn LOL)  This will change your life...your craft life anyway....and it is actually a fun organizational project to sort, too.  You get your drawers and mark them with the different colors:  white for one drawer (i include clear too in mine) , pink another drawer, etc.  
Ok, so you've got them all labeled.  Now you are doing a fun card and need a yellow or orange touch of color....GREAT!  You just go take out that drawer to your workspace and you have all your options before you...tada...
One recommendation for those of you who submit your artwork to card magazines (and you really should!), label the company & product name on each item...otherwise you can't use the item and give credit when you submit. 

Ok, another day and we'll do some more! I hope this post helps someone out there to meet an organizing goal or helps someone to find a new way to find and use their stash more easily! 
Enough cleaning for today, time to go MAKE something!!
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  1. What great organization tips. TFS.

  2. great ideas--love how well the clip it holds your stamps!

  3. you are now inspiring me to get my room cleaned and pictures posted on my blog. Everyone look for pictures, now that I said this I definately have to get this room cleaned so all can see.

  4. Great tips! I'm with Jenn, I need to do the same!


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