Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Box of Snowman Magnets with a Tutorial

Have you ever received a box that you just LOVED?  This year my sweet Mother-In-Law sent me a beautiful cross necklace in the box you see above.  While I truly love the necklace, I loved the box so much it was like getting 2 presents in one!!  I knew I would have to use it in a project!
So today I was playing with the inspired stamps 1inch snowmen (I'm having too much fun playing with them!) and came up with the idea to create a gift box of magnets, using this beautiful box!
Here's what the finished product looks like:
This makes a super fast and fun gift so I thought I'd do a photo tutorial for you so you can make your own:
First you'll need the 1 inch snowmen stamps you can get at the inspired stamp store for $7.99 (or if you were one of the 80+ people who got a free one in my last contest, you can use that one!)  I didn't realize this photo was so fuzzy until I uploaded it.  You can see it clearly in the store :o)

Then you'll need these supplies:
The black magnet is a sticky backed business card magnet, but any magnet will do.  You'll also need scissors.  If you don't have Crackle accents, any clear glue will do.  I bought the glass gems at a local superstore in the artificial flower section...you get a ton for under $3!!
Next you'll want to stamp and color your snowman stamp.
I found punching a circle of the snowman stamp was easiest, but you can cut a square and trim the excess later.  I put a thin layer of the clear adhesive then spread it evenly with my fingers.
Put the glass gem over your stamped/colored image and put the back of the paper to make sure you get an even coat on your image.  Then I trimmed the white that is showing outside of the glass gem.
Next put your dried glass gem on the sticky side of your magnet. Press firmly and trim it.
It's very thin and you can't see the paper or magnet from the front or sides when it's on a magnetic fridge or whiteboard.  VERY hard to take photos of this on a whiteboard as the glass gems picks up EVERY light in the room :o).  But they are really great in person!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit!
Be the blessing!
inspired stamping,


  1. I received a necklace in that exact same box!

  2. this is one adorable project, antie!!

  3. Wonderful project! I'm thrilled to say that I got some exciting mail today.... the wee little waving snowman with the patched hat and crucifix arrived in my mailbox! Thank you so much! It was quite refreshing to receive during our heatwave in Australia!
    hugs and blessings,

  4. Love, LOVE!! How cute are these li'l magnets?!! Adorable! The kids would love these too to put inside their lockers at school and give to their friends! :) Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration on your blog!!


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