Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brayered Forest Scene...

Hello blogger-friends!
Here is a card I made that was inspired by a card I saw in the store the other day.  I love to see something and think, "Wow, I could make that in a card!"

I used:
Fir Trees and Prayer stamp sets from my inspired stamps store
Momento ink: black
Distressing inks: blues and greens
white cardstock 
Chocolate pearls
Gary's Ultrafine glitter
Crackle medium
Have a warm evening and I'll see you back here tomorrow night!
Be blessed,
inspired stamping,


  1. I could look at that card all day. It's drop-dead gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful card! A brayer? That was for the blue background, right? Could I sponge that? I don't have a brayer. And then how did you do your trees? I think that is amazing!

  3. judy would just love this:) and so do i! but, not the brayering part--we do not get along!


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