Wednesday, February 25, 2015

31 Days of March: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!
I'm so excited to share this year's 31 DAYS OF MARCH segment!  This year's is called 31 Days of March: Beginning Bible Art Journaling!  We will go through what Bible Art Journaling is, materials to use (you have all you require already at your home if you have a pen and a bible), how to carefully observe the bible text and understand it, and I will walk you step by step through Psalm 119 with lots of examples and free printables for you to use throughout the month.  I thoroughly enjoy this process and my prayer is that you will too!

This will begin on March 1st (THIS SUNDAY) over on my mixed-media blog:
This is absolutely free and there is nothing to even sign up for...the blog posts will stay up as in years past so you can refer to them as often as you like!

**Feel free to copy/paste the above photo to your facebook pages, groups, or blogs where you feel others would benefit and have interest!**

I'll be back Thursday evening with the Design Team's 2x2" Scripture artwork!!
Please leave a comment below or email me a note ( if you plan to pop over to see the Beginning Bible Art Journaling segment!  It's always nice to know who is stopping by!!


  1. This blog has inspired many newbees like me. I hope and trust this march would be truly encouraging. Bless you for such good ideas.

  2. Hello Antoinette. I posted a comment last night, and it didn't seem to take. I'm not sure why, but I posted your announcement on my fb page and my blog and hope there will be some followers as a result. I'm looking forward to it, as always. I'm interested in seeing more of how you decide which images to use with your notes from studying and where you place it in the Bible - how it all comes together. Thanks, as always, for doing these wonderful tutorials. Not only is it a creative way of getting us into the Word of God, but it makes it so much more memorable and interesting. Thanks again and looking forward to it......Linda E.


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